Tired, stressed, bugged, burdened, upset, underpressure, seven seas spa releases all of them and makes you feel relaxed to move ahead with positive attitude and energy. The First CAFE Spa for corporate specially designed to do foot and head reflexology in 30 minutes while you are having your coffee. Shirodhara in Ayurvedic, body stretch in Thai, sand scrubbing full body in Swedish and much more are carried out by trained therapist from the continent along with body chocolate papaya based massage are a few in our menu.

More than wellness a neat spa to enjoy and live in the aroma of semi meditation and move ahead in pure life. It increases the speed and tones the body with necessary pressure nerves at various levels in your body. Couples massage from with inbuilt stream and bath are made up with traditional guest welcome from cleaning your head to the toe with special aromatic oils are integral part of this spa.