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Valentine’s Day at Cabana: A Melodious Night to Remember
Uncategorized April 19, 2023

Valentine’s Day at Cabana: A Melodious Night to Remember

This Valentine’s Day, we at PAL Heights Mantra decided to add the magic of love and light to the lives of our guests by organizing a special event at Cabana. For this event, we sought the presence of two very talented musical artists – singer Anurag Panda and percussionist Indrashish to perform live at Cabana and weave a melodious evening for our guests. The gala event witnessed the presence of several of our beloved guests who dined and made merry to the rhythm of love! Surrounded by a plethora of cuisine options, our guests were spoilt for choices while we ensured that their precious moments were captured and celebrated for years to come!

Here are some glimpses from the special evening:

DSC 5933
DSC 5958
DSC 5888
DSC 5910
DSC 5886
DSC 5977
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